Saporitalia, Notting Hill

Saporitalia is set to be a hit with its large, unpretentious and authentic pizzas

Booking a table at the last minute in London is challenging at the best of times. Trying to secure a spot for nine people on a Friday evening at a new and already well-reviewed restaurant on fashionable Portobello Road would seem to be a fool’s errand. You can imagine our surprise, then, that this turned out not to be the case at Saporitalia, whose easy-going staff informed us that seating our group that evening would be no problem at all. Continue reading


Otto, Notting Hill

Otto’s pizzas pack a hearty punch with cornmeal crusts and generous toppings

What exactly is it that makes a pizza a pizza? This was the question we came back to time and time again while eating lunch at Otto, the UK’s first purveyor of cornmeal-crust pizza.  Unlike more traditional pizzas which have bases made using wheat flour, the founders of this small, informal restaurant off Westbourne Grove use mainly cornmeal, a trick they picked up on a road trip through Oregon. The result is an unusual dish that bears little resemblance to its Italian siblings, but is no less enjoyable for it. Continue reading

Donna Margherita, Battersea

Quality imported ingredients make all the difference at Donna Margherita

Named in homage to the most famous of Italy’s pizzas, Donna Margherita has built up an impressive reputation of its own, with a loyal following throughout Battersea and beyond. The cosy restaurant on Lavender Hill prides itself on being the first in the UK to be recognised by the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, an organisation aimed at maintaining the highest standards of Neapolitan pizza making around the world. Needless to say, we wanted to find out more.

Continue reading

Santa Maria, Ealing

With top quality pizza at rock-bottom prices, Santa Maria should be on every Londoner’s list

The first time I visited Santa Maria they had run out of dough. The surprising news was delivered with a characteristic Italian shrug and the recommendation to come back another time.

This happened just before the tiny South Ealing pizzeria was crowned London’s best by Time Out magazine and was, I discovered later, a consequence of the proprietors’ uncompromising zeal for fresh ingredients and traditional methods. Continue reading