Bianco43, Trafalgar Square

A viable alternative to the big chains in the heart of tourist territory


Trafalgar Square is one of London’s dead zones when it comes to dining options. With the surrounding area catering to a crowd consisting largely of tourists, you can either settle for a chain restaurant or hop on a tube to somewhere more promising.

Nestled on Northumberland Avenue, Bianco43 is a chain of sorts, with sister branches in Greenwich and Blackheath, but crucially, its wood-fired pizzas are a cut above those found in the high street mainstays.

photo 2

Boasting crusts of authentic Neapolitan stretch and bounce, we were pleasantly surprised by our pizzas, having been roundly underwhelmed by a sterile plate of antipasti. The Diavola was a real treat, the spicy salami boasting enough kick and flavour to work as the lone topping on a traditional Margherita base.

The Romana (confusingly named, given its traditionally Neopolitan toppings of anchovies, capers and black olives) was a touch on the salty side, but given that we were sharing the two, it worked as a pleasant counter-punch to the Diavola’s chilli hit.

photo 1

Prices clock in around the £10 mark, which compares well to Pizza Express, Strada et al,  and while the dining room is a little impersonal, it makes for a nice break from the mania of the nearby competition. All in all, a good pitstop in the centre of town, and a more than reasonable slice in what could easily be operating as a cynical tourist trap.

The Bill:

1 Tagliere Del Contadino
1 Romana
1 Diavola
4 Peroni


7 Northumberland Avenue


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