London Pizza Blog at the Forza Win launch

London’s newest supper club puts pizza in the spotlight

The upside of dinner at a supper club is the promise of an intimate setting with restaurant quality food. The downside is the occasionally cramped surroundings into which wannabe restauranteurs cram their “guests” like sardines. Happily, Forza Win provides all the allure of the former while dodging the pitfalls of the latter by staging their newly opened supper club on the spacious roof terrace of an East London office block.

The concept is simple: for £25 each, you and a group of friends are treated to a three-course Italian meal as part of a 30-person supper, while enjoying marvellous views over bustling Brick Lane during the balmy English summer. Or cowering under a marquee (or even in the cosy indoor lounge-bar), depending on how the weather gods are feeling.

Food-wise, the main offering is mouth-watering, authentically Neapolitan pizza from street food experts, Pizza Pilgrims. As is the case at their Berwick Street Market stall, their beautifully scorched pizzas are bursting with flavour, with spicy neapolitan salami and a robust mushroom and garlic combo among the varieties we sampled on the night.

The oven itself is situated right up there with you, so the pizzas themselves arrive piping hot, having not had to travel up the (many) flights of stairs to reach their destination. Starters weren’t on offer when we visited, although a ragu taster will be the norm in usual operating hours. We did sample a dessert of blood orange granita however, and mighty refreshing it was too. If that doesn’t float your boat, gelatos from the award-winning Gelupo will also be available.

The other element of the dining experience Forza Win are really pushing is their drinks menu, with diners being served an Aperol Spritz cocktail upon arrival, with British lager Saint also available from the bar. The former is a lighter more refreshing alternative to Campari, while the latter is a light, hoppy lager, and a highly drinkable one at that. Who’d have thought to pair beer with pizza?

The evenings will take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 29 September, with bookings being taken through the Forza Win website. If you’re keen to attend, however, you’d better get your skates on, as places are already getting booked up well into August… ( for bookings)


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